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Smart Girls

"Smart Girls is an important program for young women and girls ages 8-18. The program provides girls with the tools they need to build healthy attitudes and lifestyles. We employ a variety of activities that help girls develop their social, emotional and leadership skills. This is a recipe that will lead the girls on a road to success. 

Parental consent must be provided for all girls to participate in this program. Within BGCNR, Smart Girls is held at all five sites (August E. Mascaro, Remington Unit, Ward Elementary School, Trinity Elementary School and Davis Elementary School). Smart Girls' purpose is to empower girls to make positive decisions. This is done by teaching girls how to love themselves. We host programs and events that help uplift and identify issues that revolve around self-esteem, peer pressure, bullying, body image and making positive choices in a fun, caring and safe atmosphere. For the 2016 - 2017 year, we will focus on entrepreneurship, career building, community service and mentorship.

There is so much to teach and so much for the girls to learn. Times are changing and we now live in a social media world. This gives our girls so much access on what is going on in the world on a daily basis. I feel as if it is job of my staff and I to meet the needs of the girls, so they can grow up to be strong, productive and successful women."

Tina Mitchell
Smart Girls Advisor

Mission: To ensure all girls have the tools and skills needed to achieve success in all aspects of their lives.

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