Trinity Elementary School

Trinity Elementary School

 “Today you are YOU, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is YOUER than you.”
  –Dr. Seuss

When Dr. Seuss wrote this quote, I imagine that he is speaking to the heart of a child, he is telling her/him that it is okay to be the unique person that she/he is. Self-confidence, self-respect, and individuality are qualities that we try to instill in all our members. Here at the Boys & Girls Club-Trinity Extension, we serve 70 students of all backgrounds that vary in age, from the early age of 5 to the autonomous age of 10. 

We serve children during their crucial developmental years. Our members are still learning to make good choices and exercising self-discipline which for some does not come easy. To assist in their development, we guide our members to reach their full potential through their participation of our core programs. All our programs focus on the development of our members academic, emotional, social, and physical growth.

For instance, our Smart Girls curriculum targets girls ages 8-10. This program promotes health, fitness, prevention education, and self-esteem enhancement. Our Passport to Manhood and Smart Kids programs teach our boys and young members to become independent learners, to practice impulse control, and to regulate their emotions in a positive manner.

Because we serve members of different back grounds our guided programs are often personalized by our facilitators. We like to personalize programs because we cater specifically to our members’ interests. Our Healthy habits program celebrates multiculturalism and the importance of maintaining good eating and living habits; our facilitator organizes lessons that focuses on different cultures. For instance, for Cinco de Mayo our members made a fresh Sweet Corn, Black Bean, Avocado salad and to celebrate Greek culture they mad a Greek Salad. Yum! And when it was time to learn about Bones we prepared a delicious yogurt parfait.

Our program is in a school, and because we are in a school environment, it is important to me that all programs contain substance. Organizing programs to celebrate multiculturalism, and celebrate the fine arts are topics and activities that will always remain in or members’ schema. Creating interactive lessons in STEAM Club and our 4H Club where students are learning about chemical reactions and learning to crochet are experiences that they will come across later in their lives. Knowing that they have already been exposed to such topics and activities here at the Boys & Gils Club make everything we do for them worthwhile."

Nancy Ceja
Trinity Site Director

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