2nd Annual Mascaro Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle WALKATHON

CLUB MEMBERS… Get Your Walking Shoes On! The 2nd Annual Mascaro Boys & Girls Club Walkathon is coming – Saturday, October 14th! This is your chance to have fun with your friends, get fit, and help make this a great year for the Club! With everyone’s help, we can make the Mascaro Boys & Girls Club Walkathon a fun day for the whole organization!

100% of the funds members raise will go directly to Club to benefit our members. These funds support things like program trips, student enrichment activities and speakers.


The Walkathon will take place at Feeney Park, Saturday October 14th from 10am-12pm . Opening remarks from 10-10:30am , walking from 10:30-11:30am and closing remarks, prizes and awards from 11:30am-12:00pm . Participation is free. Families are welcome, and encouraged, to come, walk, and cheer for the Club members.


This is our first big fundraiser for the Mascaro Clubhouse.

Our goal this year is to raise $5,000! That’s a BIG number but with your support our members can achieve anything! In fact, if each student is able to meet the challenge of raising $65 in donations, we will have achieved our fundraising goal.


The process is simple. Members will ask people to be “Sponsors.”

Sponsorship is a single donation and not based on laps or minutes walked. “Sponsors” are those lovely folks who agree to donate money for your participation as a walker in the Walkathon.

They may be friends, family, neighbors, and parents’ co-workers or business associates. Please do not go door-to-door unless you have an adult with you.

Check with Employers for Employee Matching.

Cash, or checks made out to “BGCNR,” can be collected. You are responsible for giving each sponsor one of the attached receipts.

100% of the donations will benefit BGCNR members and since the Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle is a non-profit, all donations are tax deductible for your sponsors.


The Pledge Forms are where you keep track of all the people who have pledged money for you to walk, the amount that was pledged, and if you have collected it or not.

Included with this Walkathon packet is a Walkathon Pledge Form. Should you need additional Pledge Forms, please contact William Iannuzzi, Mascaro Clubhouse Director.

Steps to follow:

Step 1 - When you ask someone to sponsor you, tell them who you are, that you are raising money for your school, and how they can help. You might say,

"Hello my name is ___________ and I go to the Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle After-school. I am raising money for my after-school program by participating in a Walkathon on Saturday, October 14th . Would you like to sponsor me?"

Step 2 - Explain that the sponsorship is a single donation, and not based on laps or minutes walked and their donation is tax-deductible. You should let the sponsor know that your money must be turned in the day before the Walkathon so you may collect the money right then, or return at a later time to pick it up prior to the Walkathon. Cash and checks may be collected. Checks should be made out to “BGCNR”.

Step 3 - Have sponsor fill in their name and pledge amount on the Pledge Form. Please offer your sponsors a receipt for tax purposes. We have included a sheet of them for you to separate and use. You are responsible for giving receipts to your sponsors.

Step 4 – Feel free to invite your sponsors to come, watch and cheer on the students during the Walkathon. We also want to promote an active lifestyle for everyone we know. Most importantly, always, always, always remember to say "Thank you!!"


Students turn in their Sponsor Sheet and money by Friday, OCTOBER 13th by giving it to William Iannuzzi, Mascaro Clubhouse Director

If your student cannot participate on the day of the Walkathon, please send their money to school earlier.

For those who need additional sponsor and receipt sheets, copies will be at the Front Desk at the Mascaro Clubhouse.

PARENTS: Please help your student dress appropriately for the weather; we will be walking rain or shine. We’ll have plenty of water for walkers and volunteers, but we encourage walkers to bring their own water bottles labeled with their first and last name.


All students that turn in any dollar amount will be entered into a drawing for a Target gift card. There will be one awarded per grade level.

We strongly encourage all students to work towards a goal of raising at least $65.00.

All students reaching the goal of $65 or more: Throw a pie at Will's face, Mascaro Clubhouse Director.

All students raising $150.00 or more: Pizza Party with the Club Director and Director for the Day.


If you have questions, or are available to help at the event, please contact William Iannuzzi at 914-235-3736 or wiannuzzi@bgcnr.org .

We’re looking forward to October 14th being an Awesome Day! Thanks so much for all of your help!

You can also go this site below for more information: https://bgcnr.ejoinme.org/MyEvents/2ndMASCAROBGCNRWALKATHON/tabid/912694/Default.aspx


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