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Mascaro Clubhouse

(Main Office)

William Iannuzzi
Mascaro Clubhouse Director
79 Seventh Street
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Phone: 914-235-3736


After School Care for 2019-2020 School Year Returning Members & Early Kindergarten Registration - All Extensions - JUNE 3, 2019.

                          After School Care for 2019-2020 School Year Registration open to public Aug 1, 2019.


Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Mascaro/Columbus After School Program! 

My name is William Iannuzzi and I am the Mascaro Clubhouse Director. I have been working for the Boys & Girls Club for seven years but before that was a member from 6 -14 years old. I have lived and breathed Boys & Girls Club for many years now, and I am 100% committed to make sure our members have an amazing time.

From age 15-17 I was a camp C.I.T, became a Summer Camp Counselor/Youth Development Professional at 19, Mascaro Assistant Director at 21 and Mascaro Clubhouse Director/Summer Camp Director at 22.

In 2015 I was recognized as a Boys & Girls Club of America Maytag Dependable Leader Award winner for my “demonstrated dedication to keeping youth on the path to achieve great futures.” 

According to the Boys and Girls Club of America, the award recognizes employees that “are committed to make a difference as dependable and exceptional role models.” I was one of just 11 winners around the nation who were bestowed with the honor by Maytag. As such, the New Rochelle Boys and Girls Club was issued a $20,000 financial grant that will provide four club members $5,000 scholarships as they pursue a college education.


We run different programs at the Mascaro Clubhouse including Torch Club, Keystone, Youth of the Year, Healthy Habits, Passport to Manhood, Smart Girls, Soccer, Smart Kids, STEM and many other. Our clubhouse really identifies as the Character, Citizenship and Civics Clubhouse. Through our Torch and Keystone Clubs we run a local program called Civics Day for the past 88 years that brings our members into the seats of power in City Hall, where they get to assume City positions for the day.

Two years ago we started a new Teen Program at Mascaro. With a dedicated Teen Room and Teen Programs including, #WeOwnFridays, Keystone, Youth of the Year, Money Matters, Career Launch, Law Club, and Planet Fitness Workouts we have been able to grow to over 15 teen members. 


The August E. Mascaro Clubhouse has such a rich history in New Rochelle. Founded in 1929 as “The Better Boys Club” by George Johnsen and Gus Miele, the Club was originally located in Washington School. In 1930 after the involvement of Morton Fuerst, who became the first Executive Director, relocated the Club to the ”Labella House” situated on Lockwood Avenue. After a short while Feeney Park was created and the Club was moved to the “Ricci House” located on 7th street. In 1931 August Mascaro became the Club Director and new additions started being built upon the house, including a gymnasium. In 1977 Feeney Park Boys Club was destroyed by a fire and the current building was created and renamed the August E. Mascaro Clubhouse after former Club Director and Executive Director Gus Mascaro. In 2007 the Southside Branch of the Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle closed and merged with the Mascaro Clubhouse. The Mascaro Clubhouse expanded in 2017 to include an extension site inside Columbus Elementary School with an additional 40 members.

If you have any questions please call me at 914-235-3736 or

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