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Mamaroneck Ave. Elementary School

Registration for Mamaroneck Ave. Elementary will open Tuesday, January 14 at 8pm.

>> Click here to register for Mamaroneck

Please Note:  We are now using ACTIVE Network to facilitate registration for after school clubs. 

When registering, choose your classes first and add to cart, when you proceed through checkout –
you will add your children’s name and can create an account, if needed.
If class is at capacity you will automatically be added to wait list and be contacted when there is space available.

 Mamaroneck Winter 2020 After School Clubs Schedule

>> CLICK HERE to download a 3-page PDF of the Mamaroneck Winter After-School Club Program descriptions.

 2020 Mamaroneck Winter After-School Clubs

Important Logistics:

All clubs meet from 3:20 - 4:20 

Classroom pick up information: If your child is in grades K-1, they will be picked up in their classroom by Ms. Castro and brought to the upper common area where they will be organized by clubs. Then they will be then escorted by one the aides to their club room. If your child is in grades 2-5, they will walk to the upper common area to meet with the aide there.

Dismissal information: Your student will be escorted to the Main entrance by the club facilitator and you will meet your child at the Main entrance. Pick up time is 4:20 sharp.

If your child goes to the Boys and Girls Club after care, one of the representatives from the program will be there to take you child back to the Boys and Girls Club meeting room at 4:20.

The make-up class is scheduled in the event that the club is cancelled, not if your child misses a class.


Esta clase comienza a las 3:20 pm y dura hasta las 4:20

Información de recogida de aula: (3:00pm) si su hijo está en los grados K-1, la Sra. Castro los recogerá en su aula y los llevará a un lugar de reunión central donde los clubes los organizarán. Luego serán acompañados por uno de los ayudantes a la aula de su club.

Si su hijo está en los grados 2 a 5, caminará hasta el area comun superior (upper common area) de nivel inferior para reunirse con el asistente allí.

Información sobre el despido: (4:20pm) el facilitador del club acompañará a los estudiantes hasta la entrada principal y usted se encontrará con su hijo en la entrada principal. El tiempo de recogida es a las 4:20 en punto.

Si su hija/o participa en el program después de escuela Boys & Girls Club , uno de los representantes del programa estará allí para llevarlo a la sala de reuniones Del Boys & Girls Club.

Registration Information

Club Cancellation: If a club is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will be notified as soon as possible allowing you time to register for another club or receive a refund.

Refunds: Due to limited space and high demands and vendor commitments, no refunds will be issued after the enrollment period begins.

Scholarships: Please notify the school’s social worker if you are interested in a scholarship. Scholarship requests are confidential and limited to one club per child. The social worker is Dina Reynoso. Her email is Dina

Important information on Appropriate Behavior: Participating in the Clubs is a privilege. All children are expected to behave appropriately. Any child who compromises the safety or enjoyment of other participants or who is disrespectful to the instructor may be removed from the club with no refund. Please review this with your children.

Once your child is enrolled in a club, you will receive a confirmation email with classroom dismissal and parent pick up information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1—What happens if schools are closed due to weather? If your school district closes school, the after-school clubs are also cancelled. We will also post closures on our Facebook page. We will then use the make-up date listed on the club calendar to make-up for this cancellation.

2—What happens if a club is cancelled for other reasons? There are times when a vendor cancels due to last minute emergencies and when this occurs, we will send an email and make a phone call. We also let the school office know. Please make sure that you updated your email settings to allow mail from Boys and Girls Club of New Rochelle (BGCNR) to go to your regular email and not spam. 

3—How do I know if my child gets off the waitlist? You will receive an email with a request for payment from our registration system. 

4—What happens if the club I signed up for is cancelled due to low enrollment? If a club is cancelled due to low enrollment, we will notify you at the end of the registration period and you will have access to pick another class or receive a refund. All rosters and classes will be finalized by January 4th. 

5—Are snacks allowed in after school clubs? In general, we have a no snack policy in the after-school clubs due to allergies, but if your child needs to have a snack, please pack a small nut-free snack for them to eat quickly before clubs start. 

6—How do I let someone know if my child will not attend a club on a specific day? If your child will be picked up early from school, please send an email to and it will be forwarded to the school aide so they know your child will be absent from the club that day. It is your responsibility to inform your child’s teacher on dismissal for that day. 

7—Who do I email if I can’t pick up my child from a club? Please send an email to and it will be forwarded to the aide, so they will know who to release your child to at the end of the club. 

8—WHAT DO I DO IF MY CHILD DOES NOT LIKE A CLUB? There will be no refunds or club changes one week into the clubs. After the one-week deadline, there are NO REFUNDS AND NO CLUB CHANGES. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

The Mission of The Boys and Girls Club is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. In keeping with this mission, we want to be inclusive of all children so kindly inform us if your child receives services during the day or has an IEP so we can ensure a successful program for all children to enjoy.